Vladimir Putin

Soules, Jack M.

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The economic outlook and the consideration of the various factors contributing to present conditions and those necessary to effect desirable improvements. An outline of the size and the condition of the construction industry in Canada. Its effect on the general economy now and in the future. The parallels that can be drawn with other industries. Some statistics and figures with regard to the construction industry. The expansion of the industry. A record number of failures. Why this happened. Why business generally has levelled off in Canada. What can be done and is being done to expand construction markets. Looking for new markets. Effects of the Colombo Plan on work done by Canadian contractors overseas. Contact with Commonwealth countries. The need to compete. Learning from co-operative organizations in Europe. Canadians learning to be better salespeople. Markets not to be overlooked: Islands of the West Indian Federation; the United States of America. The possibility of lowering trade barriers between the U.S. and Canada. Foreign investment in Canada. Activities of the Department of Trade and Commerce at Ottawa. Finding financing. Problems faced in Canada by the construction industry, and those faced abroad: some similarities and differences. The problem of living conditions for workers and staff in a new country. The cost of labour. Examples of Canadian constructions firms and people overcoming problems. Looking forward to a great expansion in foreign operations by Canadian constructions firms, if the need for salesmanship can be met and the problems of financing solved. The need for management and labour to co-operate in producing better designs, better quality and lower costs.