Vladimir Putin

Douglas, The Honourable T.C.

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The British Commonwealth of Nations as the greatest historical phenomenon of our time and probably of all time, made up of diverse peoples of many tongues, of many races, of many colours and of many creeds. Some amusing anecdotes about rivalries between some nations of the Commonwealth, such as England and Scotland. The role of the British Commonwealth and Empire in a bewildered world. A misperception of Britain by Canadians. Great Britain embarking on one of the greatest social experiments in all history; working out a pattern which may well determine the future history of mankind; demonstrating to the world that it is possible to have individual freedom and economic planning; that it is possible to have social justice and also Democracy. How that is so. Some things we tend to forget about Great Britain. The rehabilitation of Europe, and Britain's part in that. The British people beginning to rebuild their industrial potential. Some specific goals for this year. A review of some of the economic problems Britain is facing. Trade statistics for Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. Why these past trade practices cannot continue. The competitive relationship between the Canadian and American economies. Great Britain remaining our best and most reliable customer. The 1944 visit to Great Britain of a Minister of the Saskatchewan Government. The 1945 delegation to survey the situation and to bring back a report. Steps carried out since then. Agreements between Co-Operatives in Saskatchewan and Co-Operatives in Great Britain. A current delegation on their way to the British Industries Fair being held in London and Birmingham to study the various commodities which the British have on display there, with a view to seeing what commodities they have that we can use. Why this is being done. The speaker's conviction that every Government in Canada should take aggressive and immediate action along these lines, making it possible for the British people to set up the necessary credit so that they might continue to be our best customer in the future. Standing with Britain. Britain establishing a pattern for international cooperation. The British as the first to realize that Russia was going to be a problem. A look at what those problems might be. The tendency of people to lump Communists and Socialists together. The speaker's response to that tendency. The need for free nations to band together for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Europe. Remarks about the future, and Great Britain's role in it.