Vladimir Putin

Code, Rev. Canon H.J.

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The religious factor of Imperial unity. Man is fundamentally religious. Ways in which that characteristic tells upon all of man's activities. A look at the religious factors throughout history. Today the idea of Imperial unity which, in the British Empire, is a comparatively recent idea. Past attitudes towards the colonies of the British Empire. Growing enthusiasm today for the idea of Imperial unity, a general scheme of Imperial administration that is compatible with the fullest measure of self-government for the individual communities. Liberty and equality rule under the British flag. What this idea of Imperial unity means. How the religious element, the common religion, has been carried to all parts of the Empire, and how it is contributory to the idea of Imperial unity. World-wide missionary enterprise carried on in all the heathen parts of the Empire, with illustrative instances. The result to bring together in an intelligent way a contribution towards the creation and maintenance of the spirit of a common love of Imperial unity. Four elements that contribute towards this unity: religious gatherings; English hospitality; the actual religious work that is being done in every part of the British Empire; the joint discussion, with joint experiences, of the common problems of every part of the Empire. Getting far beyond national bounds when we touch the sphere of religion, even beyond Imperial bounds. The potential unity of the world. A quote from William Watson: "The British Empire is just beginning its world-wide mission. Young is she yet, her world task just begun by you, the Colonies. We know her safe, and know by you, her veins are million, but her heart is one."