Vladimir Putin

Thomson, Roy Herbert

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A telling of the story of the removal of the Coronation Stone in the chapel of Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey in 1950. The history of the Stone. Reactions to this removal in England. A different response in Scotland. What the participants hoped to gain by their deed; why they did it and what that serves to illustrate. The Scottish National Covenant which stands for a Scottish Parliament but "within the framework of the United Kingdom" and the Scottish National Party which wants independence. Differences between these two bodies. Scottish claims for Home Rule and how they are deeply rooted in history. The gradual extension of the control of Scottish affairs by Scots by the Government at Westminster. Scotland's financial contribution to the United Kingdom; some figures. Control over taxes wanted by the Scottish Covenant Association. One of the standard arguments against a Scottish Parliament and a response to it. Scottish law. The rating system in Scotland outmoded and a positive hindrance to the whole property-owning system; the need for change here. The position of English politicians. The crucial question of Home Rule. The speaker's belief that those who want Scotland to have complete independence are very few; that the more extreme Nationalists are not representative of Scottish opinion; but that it is clear that many men of moderate views feel that Scotland should have greater control over her affairs. Recommendations of the Report of the Royal Commission on Scottish affairs. The argument in connection with a Scottish Parliament is that it would be continuously dominated by Labour and the Covenant's response to this argument. Claims that the aims of the Covenanters have general public acceptance in Scotland. A look at possibilities for the Covenanters to put up their own candidates and contest seats in Parliament. The lack of a clear-cut answer to the whole matter. The national newspaper of Scotland, "The Scotsman." The good relationship between England and Scotland. England's attempts to placate Scottish feelings. Administrative devolution on a reasonable basis taking place over the future years.

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