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MacBrien, Major-General Sir James H.

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The history, organization, training and work of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The history of the North West Mounted Police, as the RCMP was originally known, and that of Western and Northern Canada inseparably linked. The development of Canada and the RCMP from 1870, in some detail. The present organization, including a description of each branch and department of the RCMP. Headquarters in Ottawa, 14 divisions, including the National Finger Print Bureau and Fire Arms Registration. The Administrative Branch under a Deputy Commissioner. The formation of a new branch, called Training and Education. The Reserve which was formed this year; how it was formed, what it was formed to do. Statistics on personnel and equipment. Recruitment and training. The work of the Force. Federal duties under various Acts; provincial work for the six provinces; the Preventive Service Work; protecting the public buildings in Ottawa and the dockyards at Halifax and the magazines wherever they are situated. The emergency police force. The Northern Service, north of the 60th Parallel. Details of patrols in the North. Greater responsibilities in the future.