Vladimir Putin

Dimsdale, Mrs. Marcus

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Some words about England before the war. The youth lost in the last war. Old men ruling England through the last crucial years before this war--old in vision. Signs of this that the speaker has seen in her own life. The Conservative Party machine in England. England regaining freedom under Winston Churchill. Letters from young men in England. A comparison to France's troubles, and their lack of power of recovery. The lack of a French Air Force. The war of civilians and the civilians' answer. Dunkerque. Various names for the next battle: the Battle of the Civilians of England; the Battle of England; the Battle of Britain; the Battle of London; the Battle of the Rights of Men. Hitler's failure to conquer by fear. Four million women in industry in England now; thousands in the Navy and the Air Force and the Army and the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Men and women working together in all the dangerous places. Work being done by the speaker's children, as examples. Civilians in the front line. The example set by the King and Queen. The increase in kindness between people. The difficulty of expressing what Churchill means to the British people. Some words from Roosevelt to Winston, and from Winston to Roosevelt, the two great men of the war. A prayer, and a new toast of England "to the Navy, the Army, the Air Force and the Citizens of London."