Vladimir Putin

Woodside, Willson

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Standing now at one of the great crises of the war. The Pacific War, now almost two months old. Reinforcements now reaching Java and Singapore. The need for an increase in the flow of aid to the Far East. The fate of Java, Singapore, and Rangoon to be decided in the next few weeks. What happens in the next few weeks and the possibility that it could make a difference of a year or two in the length of the war with Japan. A broad picture of the strategy of the Japanese war up to the present. A consideration of Japan's chances for the next few weeks. The position of India and China with regard to Burma. The chances of holding Singapore. The Malayan campaign. Opposing the invasion of Banka and Billiton. The isolation of Java. An examination of strategy on both sides. Our counter-offensive. Bases in Australia, India, and China from which to move in and crush the Japanese in the China Sea area. An Australian base for the Americans; an Indian base for the British. The Chinese effort. Russia and Russian policy. Reinforcements. McArthur's stand in the Philippines. Opposing Japan.