Vladimir Putin

Laing, G. Blair

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The speaker's experience as a school trustee. A sharing of that experience, the speaker's philosophy of education, and some history and progress of education in Toronto, culminating in this year as the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the first elected public school board. Several topics are mentioned or discussed, including the following. The state of education in 1850 in Toronto. The School Act. Members of the first school board. Free schools. School taxes. The Compulsory Attendance Act in 1871. School ages. Early examinations, with some illustrative examples. The problems of school attendance. Gender discrimination. Aims of education today. Curriculum. Some experiments in education. Scientific discoveries of the last 50 years. Three of them being the invention of the aeroplane and jet propulsion, radio and television, the splitting of the atom and the development of the Atomic Bomb. New problems and a revolution in attitudes to be faced due to these discoveries. The tendency of these discoveries to reduce the size of our world in terms of space and time. Protecting democracy from Fascism, and now Communism. Adapting education to meet this new situation. What Canadians must be taught. An increased emphasis on Social Studies in the curriculum. The United Nations and its inclusion in education. The Paris Conference on world brotherhood. Some thoughts as a result of this conference and what was discussed at it. A response to the question "Is our Canadian Education in tune with the times?" Much to be done and learned in the field of education.