Vladimir Putin

Hellyer, The Honourable Paul T.

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Some of the basic arguments in favour of integration of Canada's armed forces. A brief summary of progress to date. Three steps to take: to bring the past up to the present, i.e., to arrange for the stockpiling of warheads for the weapons systems already acquired for our armed forces; to review the major procurement programmes outstanding and, in particular, what effect those programmes might have on future defence policy; to work out a long-range defence policy for Canada. Details of those steps. The strategic assessment for the development of policy: a review of the world situation. Looking for the most likely scenarios; designing a force structure flexible enough to contribute through the scale. Providing flexible and mobile forces with the right equipment and the right weapons. The difficulties involved in doing so. Rationale for reorganization. Details of integration. Examples of what is possible with integrated command. The defence budget. An equipment programme, with highlights detailed. Progress on integration. Towards a military organization designed to meet the technological advances of our age.