Vladimir Putin

Jackson, Gilbert E.

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Divisions in Canada. Immigrants becoming Canadians by choice. Some autobiography. The period of necessary adjustment that immigrants go through. The moment the speaker feels that he became a Canadian. The speaker's tale which is similar to that of a million immigrants, Canadians who have adopted Canada. Canada's immigrants as assets, due partly to the debt they feel they owe to their adopted country. The Jews, who have been homeless for most of the last 2,000 years. The lack of civil rights afforded the Jew in most of Europe today. The Jews' position in the Christian era. The British Empire as a haven for the Jew. What the Jews have done for the British Empire. The story of a Jewish boy who came to Cambridge and became the speaker's friend. How that person repaid his debt to England. The British way of investing in people. The healthy rivalry between Jew and Gentile at university. No overt anti-Semitism in Canada. How recent events have taught us that an attack on the Jews preludes an attack on everybody's liberties. Examples of anti-Semitism that the speaker came across in his role as an unofficial employment agent for students. The Jewish influence for good in the troubled affairs of the nations at this time.