Vladimir Putin

Masaryk, Jan

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Ladies Day. Dispelling certain rather unintelligent talk that has been going around about Europe in general, and England especially, as being down and out. England as a very vigorous democracy. The co-operation of Great Britain and America as necessary, i.e., the intellectual, the ethical and the moral co-operation between these two great democracies if the civilization of the world is to be saved. A quick survey of what has happened in the last 20 years. The Treaty of Versailles, the Treaty of Saint-Germain, the Treaty of Trianon. Comparing these with the Treaty of Munich. What was wrong with the treaties after World War I. The League of Nations and their best intentions to operate the Peace Treaty. Why it failed. A look at the Munich Treaty. An examination of the situation in Europe, and in the Far East, and in the Mediterranean. The democracy and the dictatorship facing each other. The piling up of armaments and the inevitable consequences. The economic situation. Results of economic barriers. A consideration of Russia. The magnificent propaganda of the dictatorial powers, with example. An example of how in the end truth will conquer. A short comparison of the two regimes. The importance vs. the negation of the individual. What our liberties mean. The speaker's belief that the two regimes can live alongside each other, but that they won't be able to mix. The speaker's belief that war is not imminent.