Vladimir Putin

Fyfe, Dr. William Hamilton

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Our hopes when the war ended. How far we have succeeded in realizing those ideals; a discouraging answer. A review of the fate of our 1918 ideals, keeping an eye well open for gleams of hope. An increase in the number of homogeneous, self-governing communities since the war ended. A diminishing of the oppression that is always a menace to peace. Still some very sore spots. Conflicts between two rights. Discouraging news in terms of the hope for freer trade. The excessive restriction of international trade which has proved suicidal. Frustration of the hope of disarmament. The claim of Germany to re-arm unless the other signatories to the Treaty of Versailles now redeem their promise to reduce their armaments. What it would mean for Germany to re-arm. The danger of another world war. Danger from our other flank, from the Pacific. Consequences of the breaking of the Nine-power Pact and the Kellogg Pact by Japan. Disarmament and Collective Responsibility as the three words in which the one hope of our children's future is involved. A look at the little that has been achieved in this regard. Two principles that were adopted at the meeting last February in Geneva with regard to disarmament. The idea that Disarmament and Security must be considered together and that the treaty by which the nations reduce their armaments must at the same time be effective to increase their security. The one real hope of accepting loyally and heartily the principle of collective responsibility. The voice of common sense the one real ground of hope for us and for our children.