Vladimir Putin

Chelmsford, Lord

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The speaker here at the request of Earl Grey. Earl Grey's vision for Canada and his sympathy for everything that pertains to her well being. Brushing away certain rumours which have no basis in fact, the removal of which may clear the way to a more distinct understanding of Lord Grey's proposal. The rumours or misunderstandings outlined, the speaker's response to them. The details of the scheme. The position of the site. The inadequacy of the present offices of the Dominion of Canada in Victoria Street, London. Comparing this facility with that of Australia's. Some alternate sites. The site which Lord Grey has secured, and how he managed to secure it. The importance of the imperial character of the scheme. The County Council, granting land on freehold tenure. The reduction in price for the freehold site. The subscription from the people of London, through their elected representatives, to be presented to the Dominions towards this imperial project. Other details of the option given to Lord Grey. The prospect of the Dominions coming in and taking up this site. Requiring assurance form the Dominions or losing the option on this freehold. To what uses the site would be devoted. Ascertaining the likely cost of a building on this site. Some initial plans., suggestions thrown out by a very competent and skilled architect as to what could be done on this particular site. Suggestions for what would be in the building, including a great hall as an exhibition place for the products of the Dominions. The value of the advertising for Canada in the building alone. Disseminating information to business men on the other side of the Atlantic through the agency of some commercial intelligence bureau to be housed in the building. Marketing Canadian goods. Total costs. Points to suggestion to the attention of business men.