Vladimir Putin

Lovat, Major General Lord

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The progress or consolidation of the Empire that has been going on in the last year or two. The last three years fraught with significance for the future: a review. The 1926 Imperial Conference. Lord Balfour's definition of the status of the dominions. 1927 a year devoted by the dominions and the non-self-government colonies to carrying out and looking into the detail of the decisions made at that great conference of 1926, with specifics. Focus for the next Conference. A discussion of the dissemination of information and how it applies to the subject at hand, the question of migration. The need for more and better information from Canada as to what is wanted and needed in this regard. Some facts and figures with regard to new billets coming in industry every year not only in Canada but in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the non-self-governing colonies. An example of how valuable disseminative information is. The factor of unemployment in Britain. Maintaining the connection with the British tradition.