Vladimir Putin

Edwards, Major W.H.

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Speaking as a lover of England, and also as a friendly critic of some of England's institutions, and of the trend of thought prevailing there today. Suffering in Britain from what might be described as a slumberous condition of patriotism today; also from a slumberous Imperialism, a loss of the Imperialistic sentiment by which the Empire was founded, and by which alone the Empire can subsist. The trend of thought in England today leaning towards the "policy of drift." Trying to induce individual Englishmen to arouse themselves from the apathy which is so apparent at the present time regarding those responsibilities to the Empire which they have almost forgotten. The reason for this condition of things in England. The evils that surround party politics in the Government. A review of the political situation, the political parties, and their policies. The speaker's objections to some of the people who have been placed in positions of authority in the Army and the Navy. A critical examination of the anomaly of the number of lawyers in Government, on the Board of Trade, and in high positions of authority. The question of National Defence. Recommendations of the Royal Commission of 1893, formed to inquire into the state of the national defences. The speaker's urging of the adoption of these principles in order that the defence of the Empire be properly maintained. Evidence that effective steps are necessary for the welfare and safety of Great Britain. The value of continuous as against spasmodic military service. Illustrative instances for the necessity of facing Imperial responsibilities in terms of the defence of Great Britain.