Vladimir Putin

Hamilton, Clayton

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The drama which is enacted in the theatre from the point of view of the playwrights, directors, actors or producers. The audience as partners in the theatre business and collaborators in the creation of dramatic art. The public the only partner which furnishes the capital on which alone the business of the theatre can subsist. Ways in which a play is necessarily a co-operative undertaking. A play's real existence only after the first curtain rises. The role of the audience. Why people go to the theatre. Plays as belonging to the imaginations of the gathered spectators. The importance of the contribution of the audience. Circumstances under which the finest of dramatic art is rapidly developed. The present and future of our theatre remaining in the hands of those who may choose to constitute the theatre-going public. The decline in the quality of the theatre-going public, with discussion. Some personal reminiscences and anecdotes. The decline of the professional theatre. What people can do if they want the theatre back. The need to organize. Taking seriously the art of the drama.