Vladimir Putin

D'Egville, Sir Howard

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The composition of the population of the United Kingdom with a short, humourous description of each. The relation of democracy as we find it today to world affairs. A glance at the big problems that we have facing us where the great dictatorships of the world clash with the interests of the British Empire. Trying to determine from that how very urgent and necessary it is for us to have the closest possible understanding of world affairs and the policies of the various countries who may in any way conflict with our interest. The position of Italy with definite Mediterranean ambitions. Italy's involvement in the Spanish War. The vital necessity of the Mediterranean to the British Empire as a highway to India, and as a sea of very essential import in considering the naval defense of the whole Empire. The new religion that has sprung up in Germany. Hitler's appeal to the imagination of the younger people, in contrast to the apathy shown by most country's youth. Colonial ambitions of Germany. A clash of interests between Germany and the British Empire in Africa. A consideration of the positions of Germany and Italy with regard to Spain. Japan's ambitions in the Pacific area. The situation in Australia. Remembering that dictatorships in their very essence mean rapid action. The need for a greater understanding of how foreign policy and foreign affairs affect one's country from both a political and economic standpoint. Creating the opportunity, through organizations like the Empire Parliamentary Association, for Commonwealth Nations to consult with one another. Illustrative examples of conferences and other venues of information exchange between countries following the Great War. Evidence of progression of the British Empire countries under the system of parliamentary government. Finding solutions to the problems we are now facing in a troubled and distracted world together, and in close co-operation.