Vladimir Putin

Brodeur, Honourable L.P.

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The love of country as the basis of all true patriotism. Ways in which the French-Canadian finds in Canada all that is needed to awaken the love of country and to stimulate his patriotism. The French-Canadian naturally more attached to the section of the country which is most closely associated with the glorious achievements of his own race and with the memories of a past which are his own, but such not prevent his love of Canada extending to the utmost confines of the Dominion. The French-Canadians prizing the advantages that they enjoy under the safeguards of the British Constitution. A review of the history of the French-Canadian in Canada. Some advice to the people of Ontario on the question of loyalty of the French-Canadians to Great Britain. The record extending over a century of sound loyalty, going far to vindicate the French-Canadian people from the aspersions of ill-informed persons. The understanding of French-Canadians that their interests are bound up with the existence of the British Rule, under which they have enjoyed a great amount of liberty.