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Miller, Alvah L.

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The intense interest in Palestine today to many people around the world. A history of Palestine going back 4,000 years. Jerusalem as the centre of culture and religious hope for the Jewish people. The two great contributions of the Jewish people living in Palestine and that section of the world: their conception of God, developed from a very crude beginning; a conception of one God--monotheism, and a God of ethical characteristics. The ethical conceptions in Hinduism, which was developing at the same time as those of the Jews in Palestine. A look at the history of the Arab peoples in the same region. Achievements of Mahomed, prophet of the one God. Contributions of the Arabs in the realms of medicine, astronomy and mathematics. The history of the Turkish Empire from 1517 when they swept across that section of the world, and ruled and governed until Lord Allenby entered Jerusalem. More recent events, from 1915. The period of T.E. Lawrence's revolt of the Arabs against the Turks, and the promise of an independent national state for the Arabs, which did not come to be. Another promise to the Jews, made in 1917. The Balfour Declaration. These two promises, made and accepted in good faith, as the basis of the difficulties in Palestine today. A closer examination of the situation. Increases in immigration into a very small land. Resulting riots and rebellion. Some reasons for the conflict in hindsight. The Royal Commission sent out in 1937. Recommendations for a solution: the division into an Arab state, a Jewish state, and a British sphere of influence. The impracticality of such a solution. The recommendation now of a calling together of Jewish and Arab leaders to sit down in London, with English officials, and try to work out some solution. Some words from Dr. Magnus. The serious chasm of hatred that separates the two peoples in Palestine today. The modern Y.M.C.A. in Jerusalem. Some concluding words from Rudyard Kipling. The need to come to an understanding in Palestine, thus laying a basis for peace and goodwill.