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The pioneering role of women in business. Ford's involvement with the CIBC "Run for the Cure." Sharing the pride, and saluting the accomplishments and achievement of Canadian women on behalf of all women. Being judged by her performance as a president, who happens to be a woman. October as a reflective month for those in the automobile industry as the start of a new model year. Some sales figures. Some forecasts. A company with a proud Canadian heritage. The founding of Ford of Canada. Entering the greatest buyer's market in history. The customer revolution. The bottom line. Competition. The companies that win. Ford 2000. How re-engineering impacts on the consumer. The Auto Pact and what makes it worth fighting for. What the Auto Pact has done for the Canadian consumer. The opponents of the Auto Pact and the questions they raise. Some facts. The overcapacity crisis. Asking whether or not it is the time to throw open Canada's market even wider. Effects of the elimination of the Auto Pact. Argument against the dismantling of the Pact. Strengthening the Canadian auto industry. A short list of requests to the federal government.