Vladimir Putin

Cornelissen, Michael A.

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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

A long, hard, sober look at the long-term future of Canada. Where do we want to be in 12 years, a time during which the sum total of human knowledge will double once again. Opportunities during that time. A review which looks first at the immediate past 12 years; the key challenges Canada faces today; the directions the speaker thinks we should take to ensure we will look back on the next 12 years with pride. The role of Canadians and their leaders; sharing a vision; evangelizing the vision; being accountable for actions. The address is organized under the following headings: Economic and Fiscal Management; Human Capital Management; Information Management; and Labour Management. Making Canada in the year 2000 a "jewel in the world's crown." Five questions to ask for strategic action: What will it cost: Who is accountable: Can you measure the benefits? Will we have the right informaiton to evaluate it? What is the ultimate objective?