Vladimir Putin

Doolittle, General James

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The realization of the threat of new and extremely powerful weapon systems to the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Meeting the challenge of defence, guided by two basic principles: that we could maintain the peace only through strength, through the creation of a superior military force-in-being; and that such strength must be founded on a rapidly developing technology and a sound, expandable industrial base. The result that became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Canada's defence objectives, clearly set forth in a White Paper issued by the Minister of National Defence. Countering the threat of modern air power, which knows no boundaries. Dewline (Distant Early Warning Line). Details of the operation to get the Dewline and other defence projects going. Maintaining defence stations and making them livable for the men who must work there. Living together and working together toward the achievement of a common goal, developing the kind of mature strength of spirit that will see us through any challenge. Considering the continental defence problem in terms of intercontinental guided missiles. Developing a capability of defence against the missile threat. Security in the free world based on strength with solvency. Canada's contributions to NATO, military and otherwise. AVRO Canada. The RCAF's Air Defence Command. The speaker's opinion that no enemy nation will ever start an all-out war against us unless it is satisfied that it can not only win, but preserve its own country in the process. The way of life of the free world as an inspiration and guidance for oppressed peoples. Our common determination to protect freedom founded on a common belief in the morality that makes free societies possible, and on a common devotion to peace.