Vladimir Putin

Shortt, Professor Adam

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The danger of failing to see the forest for the trees. Some aspects of the general forest for study and supplement by special knowledge of the trees which constitute the forest. The impossibility of knowing the forest without knowing the trees; the possibility of knowing the trees without knowing the forest. A period in the world's history now in which practically every phase of the fundamentals of self-government and democracy are completely in the melting-pot. A detailed discussion follows. Some highlights follow. An acceptance of the truth that democracy was something that could only be operated by the most highly developed peoples in the point of intellect, education, and son on, and that that was why a limited element of western Europe, the British Empire, and the United States, could run democracy. Linking intellectual superiority with the question of colour and race; some wisdom from Aristotle; the lack of any link between intellectual superiority and the capacity to run a democracy. A definition of Attempting to define and understand British democracy, and democracy around the world. The speaker's theory that there are certain peoples, Anglo-Saxons or people immediately associated with them in race, who have a peculiar progressive element in them; that it is this element that stabilizes and makes possible practical development in government, namely democracy; that such democracy has been expanded and represented, and works in an Anglo-Saxon circle, and nowhere else. A discussion of several nationalities and their characteristics follows. The question of the future of government a question of the future capacity of various people to hold together. The peculiar balance between unrest and progress and conservatism and stability which is the anomaly of the British people. A last example from France.