Vladimir Putin

Sinclair, Helen

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Taking pride in Canada's banking industry. An industry essential to the current and future well-being of the Toronto region. Some employment figures. The financial industry second only to the automobile in the scale of economic benefits conferred on the Greater Toronto Area. Banks as one of the largest clients of Canada's information technology industry. Services in Canada compared with elsewhere. The size and achievement of Interac. The rapid growth of the Canadian Depository for Securities. The highly trained work force in the banking industry. The increase in employment in banks. Today's positive indicators no guarantee for the future. Facing intense competition. A discussion of the public-policy agenda, and the issue of Canada's competitiveness vision: does it exist? Some successes and some questions. Canada's banking position in the world. The matter of size. A recipe for Canada to have a shot at banking on the world scale. The issue of banks selling insurance. Revisions of financial-sector law. Confidence in the right set of outcomes. The speaker's entrepreneurial plans. Canada's potential in the financial industry.