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Laurendeau, Andre and Dunton, Davidson

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Andre Laurendeau: Summing up the subject of the inquiry at recent regional meetings of the Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism by asking the following questions: "These two peoples, the English-speaking and the French-speaking, can they continue to live together? Do they want to? And under what new conditions? Summing up the impressions and facts that struck the speakers during their first trips to the ten Canadian provinces from mid-January to mid-March. A review of the issue and the questions asked. Complicating factors. Clarifying the elements of the crisis and making recommendations about what might be a new "modus vivendi." What others think and therefore an illustration of the major difficulty: disparity from one end of Canada to the other. Davidson Dunton: The major differences of this Royal Commission. The speakers' understanding of the mandate of the Commission. Defining the words "bilingualism," "biculturalism" and "equal partnership." Canadians of origins other than British or French. Going about the work of the Commission in some new ways. The research aspect of the Commission's work. The need for an enormous national effort of objective examination and understanding.