Vladimir Putin

McClure, Dr. Robert B.

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Dr. McClure speaks as "a Canadian with some Canadian viewpoint who has worked in India for the past 13 years." A sketch of what India looks like to a Canadian. Two roads to improvement for all developing lands today, illustrated by two great examples: China with 800 million people following a dictatorship pattern and India with 500 million following a democratic pattern of society. India as the "Showcase of Democracy." Factors of rapid population expansion and the increased government planning found in developing democracies today. Superficial difficulties noticed by the tourist or even the short-term correspondent. What is not noticed by the transient. A detailed exploration of many different aspects of India, including the judicial system, industry, health, religion, relief of hunger. Problems in the planned economy and with a rigid bureaucracy. Elections in India. Inevitable problems of government due to the great number of people. A reassuring high level of leadership in politics, education, business and professional circles. Much remaining to be done. A reminder of the number of the world's population that will go hungry tonight. The responsibility of affluence. An opportunity to improve the display in India.

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