Vladimir Putin

Rock, The Hon. Allan

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto. The nature of the speaker's portfolio and the various roles in his position. The speaker's respect developed for the immense complexity of the political system. Challenges of office. Establishing priorities. The process and purpose of consultation. Consulting and learning. Serving the public interest. Steps in policy proposals. The significance of the theme of the balancing of individual rights against collective interests. The varied ways in which this theme arises in the speaker's current work. Achieving balances in democracy. Ensuring that the many do not override the rights and freedoms of the few. How Canadian government approaches the task of striking the proper balance. Punishment and deterrence. Some amendments introduced by this government. The commitment to deal with serious crimes of violence. Jail as a last resort for non-violent crimes. Emphasising crime prevention as the surest protection for society. The roles of other Ministries in crime prevention. An integrated approach to community safety. Some final remarks about the speaker's job.