Vladimir Putin

Berard, Andre

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A warning to Canada. "If we want to build a strong Canadian identity, if we want to protect our Canadian culture, if we want to guarantee our political independence, the number one condition is the building of a strong economy. That is not an option; it is a fact of life." A detailed discussion follows as to why this is so, with examples of Canada's problems and how they are dealt with. Three major challenges in the banking industry: integrating financial markets on a global scale; international competition; eliminating barriers to trade within the Canadian financial industry; and an explication of each issue. Reforms and policy-making from Ottawa. Recognizing innovation; attending to the vital resource of youth; the lack of "Financial Dynamism;" debt; changing our spending habits are all issues addressed here. Biting the bullet, changing our priorities and getting into the race to make Canada a major player on the world economic scene.