Vladimir Putin

Manning, The Hon. E.C.

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Canada entering its Centennial year. The circumstances under which Canadians are ending their first century. Future prospects of a strong and enduring national unity in Canada: a serious concern. The proposition from the speaker that national situations of this kind do not correct themselves. Agreeing on common goals. Two necessary steps as a course of procedure: developing a set of practical philosophical guidelines, i.e. spelling out in understandable language what we mean by a state of liberty, by a state of national unity. Determining what kind of economic structure is required in Canada to produce and preserve prosperity in the Canadian context. Second, within the framework of these guidelines, formulating for both the private and public sectors of Canadian society, practical policies and programmes which will clearly outline a course of action that will achieve our three-fold objective: a state of liberty, a state of unity and a state of prosperity. A detailed consideration of the application of this approach to each of the three national objectives, including suggestions for achievement of these goals. The need for a further important policy decision: the intelligent allocation of responsibility as between the private and the public sectors of Canadian society, especially in light of forecasted revenue and expenditure projections from the recent Federal-Provincial Conference in Ottawa. The dangers in the present course: a drift rather than the pursuit of a clearly defined and intelligently charted course.