Vladimir Putin

Swayne, Brigadier-General E.J.E.

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The speaker, sent to Canada by the Imperial Government owing to its having heard that a large number of British subjects from India, who have a special claim upon the Government as being British subjects, were destitute, or likely to become destitute this winter in British Columbia. What the speaker actually found. The political question which is involved in the presence of this East India Colony in British Columbia. The Sikhs, who come from the northern part of India, absolutely loyal to the British Empire. The lack of class prejudice amongst the Sikhs, in contrast to the rest of the natives of India. The special claim that the Sikhs have upon British protection. The position of Great Britain in India today. Agitation due to British beneficent rule, and how that is so. The process of India moving to representational self-government a slow and difficult one. The difficulties in many countries where there is a division of race or even of language. More details of the British position in India, including troops and the strength of their civil administration. Cooperation from the Princes of India. The situation in the British Honduras, the needs of which Colony brought the speaker to Canada to see whether he could obtain a number of East Indian laborers from British Columbia. A physical description of the British Honduras. The original settlers. The growing and exporting of bananas. Suggestions as to what Canada might export to the British Honduras. The need for labour. Future production in Honduras rubber, and nut oil.