Vladimir Putin

Gotlieb, Allan

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Myths as definers and delimiters of a nation. Myths as limiters of nations, if allowed to substitute for vision. How Americans perceive or misperceive, Canada-U.S. trade. "The seven deadly myths." The difficulty of eradicating myths. Some unfortunate myths or misconceptions held by Canadians about the U.S. and about our relationship with the U.S. A concern with our clarity of vision. What Americans know and understand. What Canadians know and understand. An emerging American foreign policy towards Canada. The myth that Canadians cannot compete with the U.S., with discussion. The myth that the United States is secretly hungering to take Canada over, with discussion. The cultural myth that U.S. culture is strong and will overpower Canadian culture if we have a free-trade deal with the U.S. The trade myth that the U.S. people and public are deeply committed to free-trade throughout the world. Protectionism in the U.S. The misconception that the United States is in secular decline, that U.S. military power is inherently unusable, that the age of the overwhelming American economy is passing, that the U.S. is a falling star. Contemplating American economic difficulties. The U.S. remaining as a superpower for some time to come. Canada coming to grips with these myths and misconceptions to allow a constructive, fruitful relationship with the United States.