Vladimir Putin

Colbert, Lester L.

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Some thoughts on how best a working citizen can make a contribution to bringing about the kind of peaceful world we all want. A related thought on how Canada and the United States are functioning as the economic heart of the free world. Some background to traditions of both countries. Canada and the U.S. as constituting a center of confidence for the free world. How such a center can continue to be a rallying point and a source of moral and material strength, demonstrating to the world the power of freedom. The hope that such a demonstration will speed for the forces of discontent and revolt to destroy the communist tyranny. The Chrysler Corporation doing business in Canada since 1925: some history. Some current figures and factors of Chrysler's operation in Canada. The automobile industry in Canada and the United States. Reasons for optimism about the long-range future of the automobile business in the U.S. What high levels of production means for the Canadian industry. The increased demand for aluminum. Investments in Canada by firms in the U.S. The vital importance of a sound working relationship between Canada and the U.S. to the future of the economic partnership. Hope that we may be in the very early stages of a world-wide automotive revolution. Keeping the economies of Canada and the U.S. expanding steadily and soundly. The factor of private business management. The present world situation, calling for foresightedness, patience and restraint. Building confidence at the heart of the free world.