Vladimir Putin

Manning, Rev. C.E.

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The importance of the subject of Canadian immigration. The systematic and comprehensive policy inaugurated by the Dominion Government of Canada a number of years ago with the view to promoting immigration to this land. The result, with some figures. The speaker's belief that the time is coming when we will have as large a population to the square acre, in the habitable parts of Canada, as any country in the world. Reasons for this conviction. A consideration of the great natural resources of Canada. Ways to stimulate immigration to Canada. The asset of our geographical position. The assets in the matter of our soil, our minerals, our fisheries, and our timber. What inducements might be given to the people in the Old World to come here. Bringing people in from over-crowded nations, including the Oriental countries. People to come in the Providence of God. Indications of China's future military strength. Reasons to treat the Oriental nations properly. The speaker's belief that the interests of this country demand that we assume a right attitude toward the people of every race, and that we do our very best when they come to Canada to make them the type of citizens that we want Canadians to be. Regarding with apprehension the coming of such vast multitudes to our country as are now reaching Canada. Some statistics. The need to pay attention to the needs of the foreigners. The real secret of Canada's greatness to be her moral qualities. Two things to insist on: education for every child, and the gospel of our Lord and Saviour for every citizen.