Vladimir Putin

Taylor, Rev. Dr. W.E.

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Coming back from China a more ardent Imperialist than ever. Offering in a brief, concise, and practical way some suggestions by which we can aid in propagating the true Imperial spirit, as far as it is related to the new East. Business men coming out to China, mainly from the United States. Suggesting to the Boards of Trade of Canada, representing the cities right from the east to the west, to do something of a similar nature. Some strange enlightenment for those of us who go out to the East. The speaker's own experience in the East, first in Japan, then in China. Studying the national character. Ways in which the Chinese are the Anglo-Saxons of the East. World interest in China today. China today as the centre of political interest. Why that is so. The difficulty of understanding the significance of the changes that have been sweeping over China within the last five or six years. The change that came in the year 1907 with the signing of the Portsmouth Treaty between Russia and Japan. China entering upon a new policy from the day; taking her first step into a new life with a new spirit. The first provincial assemblies meeting in 1907; provincial assembly buildings now to be found in the great capital cities of China. The present Revolution in China as the natural, yet inevitable outcome of that recent modernizing movement that has captured China. That movement characterized by these things: by its silent and yet very thorough preparation; by its wide sweep; by its trained and efficient leadership; by its spirit of moderation and humanism. The most remarkable thing that Christian men are leading. The new government that is in substance a reform government. The difficulties at the present day in China, with its complication in the north and with its anarchy in the south, being encouraged by certain influences in order to make it more difficult for the Chinese government to get established. A new adjustment coming. The United States Government standing first in the confidence of the Chinese Government and of the thinking classes of the people. The Imperial situation. British public opinion with China and the Chinese people. The British foreign policy temporary under a cloud in China, and reasons for it. The way in which Japan is using the alliance. England forced to put Japan as the buffer between Russia and India. Japan free to use that treaty as a cover under which she is pushing in aggressively on China. The attitude of the British merchants in the far East. Constructive helpfulness to stand by them in setting their house in order what China wants today, and what the leaders of China want. The possibility that Canada can come to the rescue in this situation. Urging Canada to show our real friendship to China now. The famine this year, worse than the famine of last year. Why succour needs to come from outside. The appeal that has come from China. Different municipalities in Canada that have acted. What the Canadian Government might do. How we might send wheat to China. A word or two as to the industrial revolution that is taking place in China. An invitation to those in the audience to come out and see China; to come and find a modern city in Shanghai. The Shanghai British Club. A word as to the social revolution. The issue of foot binding. Changes from old China, with the best example in the opium. The educational revolution as the most interesting and most significant of all. The possibilities of opening up our universities to Chinese students, giving them an opportunity for us to know them better and for them to know us better. The result today of China's education revolution. For China's interests and also for ours if Canada, if the British Empire, can add to the splendid things that are in the national life of China the best things in our own Imperial life.