Vladimir Putin

McLean, S.J.

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The subject of transportation as the most important single economic question in Canada today. Ways in which Canada has been re-made by its transportation facilities. Instances of the early consideration of a systematic policy in regard to transportation and attracting traffic from the adjacent republic. The work of railway development. The importance of railway development, recognized in every change of industrial life. How railway development has been aided by the development of our corporation system. Relations of corporate management to the public. Considerations bearing upon the question of public policy in regard to railway corporations, for the most, to Canadian conditions. Looking at Great Britain for the development of a railway regulative policy. Great Britain, Canada and the United States having adopted the policy of private ownership plus government control. A system of government ownership and management prevailing over most of the rest of the world. Some history that led to this policy in England and subsequently in Canada and the U.S. Comparisons between systems. The central facts in the regulative policy are those of rates and of the relation of the regulative body to the courts. The rates issue, with illustrative instances. Also the question of the level of the rates. The organization and power of the Canadian Railway Commission. Rationale and background for the structure and organization of the regulative powers in Canada. Details of the Railway Act. Control over rates and discriminations. A brief summary of what the Commission has had brought before it in Toronto. The attempt in connection with the Commission work to arrive at substantial justice. Rapidity of settlement. Developing precedents in regard to certain lines of regulative policy. Some of the strong chairmen that the Commission has been fortunate to have. Even now in a formative period. Starting with a wide jurisdiction which was made wider. Recognizing that the proper development of a regulative policy in regard to railways is a measure which is in the truest interests of Canada.