Vladimir Putin

Sommerville, Norman

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[This address given under the auspices of The Empire Club of Canada, Exhibition Military Camp, Toronto.] The speaker's experiences in Austria and Germany after the outbreak of war. Last year to have been Germany's great year; the year of years in which Germany was on exhibition, whether in the field of art, science, industry, or of commerce. A prosperity such as Germany had never known. The cankerworm in the system of the German democracy that had grown up alongside peaceful pursuits by which Germany had made such a conquest in the commercial world. Finding Prussian militarism in its worst and rankest form in Bonn. The programme they have been working on for years, laid down by the Kaiser in 1900. How such a programme was to have been carried out. The speaker, getting out of Germany and into Austria just two days before war was declared. Going to bed at peace on Saturday night, and on Sunday getting a first sample of the workings of militarism. The right of the state over the individual in Austria. Details of mobilisation, with several illustrative anecdotes. The sad stories of the women of the land who were left behind as the German system of militarism ignored the existence of any obligations in the home life. The British Empire, rising to the call. Answering the call in Canada. What Berlin will learn.