Vladimir Putin

Pecaut, David

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The vision that the E-Business Opportunities Roundtable has put forward for Canada's leadership in the global economy. Focusing on what the Internet economy means, as opposed to the hype surrounding it. The impact of the Internet over the next five to 10 years dramatically understated. The remarkable phenomenon taking shape as a result of three technological drivers. A brief discussion of each. The speaker's experience of explaining the Internet to six-year-olds. What this revolution means for our daily lives and our business lives, with illustrative examples. New winners and new losers. Ways in which the tectonic plates supporting our economy are shifting. Where all this leaves Canada. Some figures. Opportunities and threats as well. Five opportunities that play to Canadian strengths in e-business, identified in the Roundtable Report. Factors that keep us from capitalising on these strengths. What is needed to create a vibrant entrepreneurial environment. Examples of great entrepreneurship. Keeping our best at home. A defining moment in Canadian history. A final question--"Do we have the will to seize it?"