Vladimir Putin

Lovell, Captain James A. Jr.

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Some remarks about Canada's participation in space missions, particularly on the first historic mission to the moon. The purpose of the United States space programme: to bring its benefits for the peaceful uses of all mankind; the kind of peaceful co-operation that has existed for generations between Canada and the U.S. Looking at a very different world from the one of the speaker's youth, or even a decade ago. What young people of this decade may look forward to. Witnessing the birth of a new man: the man of the universe. Science and technology as the keys to man's survival and well being, guided by man's compassion for his fellow man, and for his fellow creatures. The urgent problems of today and their global nature. What must be done to maintain the earth as a livable dwelling place for mankind. Problems that threaten the earth. Some of the things that the space programme has taught us about the environment and how that knowledge comes to us. Challenges to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration to help solve the problem of the earth ecological balance and conservation of its resources. Determining the kind of space system that needs to be developed. Space agency plans and objectives. Details of satellites now in orbit, and what they are doing. How the space programme not only creates wealth by teaching us how to harness enormous energies, but also stimulates the economy indirectly, with examples. Contributions of the space programme, both emotionally and concretely, to a new sense of a common human identity. How to evaluate the achievements of the space programme. A futuristic view of space efforts and the thoughts that brings forth. Shaping our own destiny for space; an insight into the world of tomorrow. A question period follows this address, and is included in the publication of addresses.