Vladimir Putin

Devonshire, His Excellency the Duke of

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[The Doxology was sung instead on the National Anthem on this, Armistice Day.] Reference to Armistice Day and what its observance means. The bitter disappointment that still throughout vast areas of Europe a conditions prevails not only of war, but of war in its most aggravated form. Continuing on the path which we as an Empire have determined to pursue--to help restore peace and prosperity to those unfortunate countries suffering now as they are from famine and disease and all the necessary concomitants of restlessness and distress. Appeals from the Canadian Red Cross Society in its capacity as a member of a Red Cross League of nations, and as part of an Empire movement, with the full support of the League of Nations with the full support of a League of Red Cross Societies. What has passed in the last two years in relation to the British Empire as a whole and upon Canada more in particular. The conclusion that although progress may not have been so rapid as some of the sanguine wished, the speaker is still determined to label himself as an optimist. No reason for panic; no reason for alarm. The position in which we find ourselves. The need for Great Britain to have borrowed, to have mortgaged their future for the purpose of conducting the war. The debt to pass down to those who may follow. What else can be passed down: a world freed form the horrors and possibility of war. Changed conditions in the industrial areas. A metaphor for the position in which Great Britain finds herself today. A deep sense of faith in the common-sense of the nations which compose the British Empire to know that the greater the difficulty, the more vigorously shall it be tackled, arriving at safe and sound solutions--an illustrative instance. What might have to be done to improve conditions.