Vladimir Putin

Murray, Major Gladstone

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Gaining an understanding of the problems of today by envisaging these problems as a consequence of history. Man achieving civilization as a response to a challenge in a situation which rouses him to make a hitherto unprecedented effort. How modern man is distinguished from the cave-man. A discussion and review of man's rise to civilization and the main factors influencing such progress. The unfailing answer to overcoming breakdown and the resumption of progress: the transfiguration, the spiritual process that produces the higher religions in their primal vitality. The chief concern now that freedom is not as highly valued as it was in some countries. A detailed discussion of these points follow. The central fact that man is fundamentally a moral being. The real course of evolution a "movement from the undifferentiated to the differentiated, from the general to the specific, from the collective to the individual, … all made possible by man's emancipation from the natural compulsions that rule everything else but man." The concepts of freedom and the structures laboriously built thereon now in mortal danger. A gleam of light: Christianity as opposed to institutionalism gaining ground. Christianity as the "Achilles Heel" of Communism. The effective response to the challenge of today to release every human being from the grim bondage of materialism.