Vladimir Putin

Kondo, His Excellency Shinichi

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The increasing trade between Japan and Canada. Factors of common interest that form natural bonds between Canada and Japan. The parallel importance of the years 1867 and 1868 to Canada and Japan. The growing trade relationship since 1954 when the Canada-Japan Trade Agreement first came into force. Some figures. Japan at a crossroad. Prospects for Japan. The future course of Japanese social, political and economic development. Japan's rapid economic development and her economic power today. Economic conditions and challenges. The New National Land Development Plan with a switch of emphasis from investment for industrial expansion to social investment. A deliberate and purposeful diffusion of Japan's urban population. An expanded social welfare programme. Factors that have led some economists to doubt whether Japan can maintain her current economic growth rate for much longer. An opposing view. The increasing perception by the Japanese people that "living" means more than the mere acquisition of material things, more than mere economic growth. A national re-assessment of goals and priorities. Pointing Japan along a new path. The cult of the GNP. Japan's new path in relation to the world beyond her national boundaries. Efforts toward freer world trade and the opening of Japan's domestic economy to foreign trade and investment. Japan's international responsibility. One very important and touchy aspect of Japan's international role: will Japan attempt to re-assert herself as a military power commensurate with the economic power she has already achieved? What the Japanese people aspire to and what the rest of the world expects of Japan. Hopeful signs of closer ties between Canada and Japan.