Vladimir Putin

Ogilvy, David

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Attitudes and philosophies towards advertising, as espoused by various people including Toynbee, Galbraith, President Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, Alfred Marshall, Maynard Keynes. The speaker's own view that the kind of informative factual advertising which the economists endorse is more effective in terms of sales results, than the combative or persuasive advertising which they condemn. Some effects of non-factual advertising. Responses to several questions: Does advertising raise prices?; Does advertising encourage monopoly?; Does advertising corrupt editors?; Should advertising be used in politics?; Can advertising foist an inferior product on the consumer?; Is advertising a pack of lies?; Does advertising make people want to buy products they don't need?; Is advertising a vulgar bore?. Some of the speaker's personal experiences with what does and does not offend. Some concluding remarks about advertising as "a benign and useful force in the body economic."