Vladimir Putin

Gardiner, The Honourable J.G.

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The problem as to how we can best, within the British Empire, build up on the northern half of this North American continent a nation. Some idea of what the view of Western Canada is, or is coming to be, upon that great problem and in connection with its development. The agricultural people of Western Canada. Agriculture as a focus in Western Canada, but not to the exclusion of any other great industry in the Dominion of Canada. Canada's position as fifth among the nations of the world in the matter of international trade, and first among the nations of the world in the matter of international trade so far as it affects the export of wheat. Some statistics of wheat production in Canada. Mineral and other natural resources in Canada. Canada's population in proportion to our natural resources as a factor confronting us as we build this nation, especially in the north. A look back over the experience of the last century on this continent. Comparing the development of this country with the great republic to the south. The words of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Proving that we have made a start upon bringing about this century as the century of Canada. A look at population development. The possibility of Canada having a population of 23 million by 1950. Taking note of the industrial development in the United States in the years between 1800 and 1850. The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and what that can tell us about developing the north. The issue of the appeal to young men to go to the United States which appears in our newspapers. Reasons why our young men go south. The possibilities in some of the unexplored areas of Canada that are yet undreamed of by the older men of Canada, and alike by the young men to whom we are appealing to remain within the bounds of the Dominion of Canada. The importance of broadening out the area in western Canada. Wheat production, representing some of the development which took place as a result of the broadening of the basis upon which settlement is being placed in the Dominion of Canada, and also representing a great problem which has to do materially with the creating of the proper spirit on which to build a nation on the northern part of this continent. How that is so. The problem of trade routes, and getting this wheat to overseas markets. The new route by way of Vancouver and its importance to Canada's development. How to estimate the importance of that route. Future prosperity for the Pacific Coast. Another problem in another area lying between the Saskatchewan River and the Churchill River. The possibility of another route for grain transport. The building of the Hudson Bay Railway and the effect it will have on further broadening the basis of settlement on which Canada is based in building the country. Difficulties to be overcome in connection with this route. Upon what the future of this nation will be built. Comparing the development of Canada with the building of nations in Europe. The people of Western Canada. Establishing the unity which we desire to have from coast to coast by doing what we have been doing ever since Canada was Canada: teaching our boys and girls the beauty of the traditions of the race to which we belong and how we might do that. Remembering our history.