Vladimir Putin

Moore, George S.; Currie, William M.

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Mr. Moore Some outlooks and a few words about the speaker's views of the U.S. economy in 1965. Some predictions about 1965. Another year of economic expansion. The circumstances under which growth could continue. Favourable factors in 1965. Some problems, similar to those being experienced in Canada. What underlies the optimism about the future. The right mix of fiscal and monetary policy which could help extend the present economic expansion through 1965 and beyond. Some forecasts on the international front. Plans of the speaker's bank. Optimism about Canada. Mr. Currie The influence on the Canadian business situation of economic activity in the United States. Canadian appraisals of the American situation in agreement that business developments in the U.S. will follow along the lines indicated by Mr. Moore. Implications for Canada. Economic prospects in most other countries which buy large quantities of Canadian products not quite so favourable as at this time last year, and reasons why this is so. Factors in the outlook for Canada. Export sales in 1965. Capital investment by the business community. Business capital outlays in 1965. The consumer sector. Government spending for goods and services. The extent to which each major region of the country continues to participate in the general prosperity. Competition from imports. Monetary policy and credit conditions. Possible influences from abroad. The need to reduce Canada's current account deficit arising primarily from transaction with the U.S. The importance of maintaining on both sides of the border an atmosphere favourable to the free movement of capital between the two countries. Beginning the new year with confidence.