Vladimir Putin

Martin, The Honourable Paul

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United Nations peace-keeping operations in Cyprus. Reference to Mr. Adlai Stevenson's remarks on the era of "limited peace"; his penetrating questions about what can and must be done to ensure that the nations pursue the path of peaceful settlement of disputes. The all-important attitude of states toward war. A threat to peace in any part of the world which poses a threat to all nations. The urgency of strengthening the sinews of peace, of improving the international means for dealing effectively with the sparks of armed incident and the dangers of unresolved dispute. The effectiveness of the United Nations: how effective is it? The Cyprus situation, and the response. The United Nations' hesitant attitude toward the Cyprus crisis. How the Cyprus situation poses a very difficult problem for the United Nations. Financing the Cyprus force and why that is significant. Canada's position with regard to her obligations to the United Nations. The principle of collective responsibility with regard to financing peace-keeping operations. An invitation to other states to consider jointly what can be done to improve the United Nations methods for establishing peace-keeping operations. Questions of organization, representation and procedure. The need for the Security Council to re-assert its authority for exercising political control in relation to peace-keeping operations. Improving the methods for training, assembling and directing international military forces so that they can be deployed on the shortest notice. Members of the United Nations facing their responsibilities resolutely. Putting aside short-sighted and debilitating manoeuvring for national, regional, and ideological influence. Demonstrating determination to co-operate in keeping the United Nations effective.