Vladimir Putin

Yakovlev, His Excellency Dr. Alexander N.

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A philosophical discussion of characters portrayed by John Wayne in American films as idols who are to be imitated "without thinking, without pondering over historical retrospectives or over the simplistic division of the world into Good and Evil" leading into a discussion of stereotypes. Cornerstones of Western politics which are based, for example, on the stereotype of "the Soviet threat." A brief history of the birth and struggles of the Soviet Union since 1917. Evidence of the "brainwashing machine." Urging the audience to "try to understand our feelings when we are threatened with destruction." The stereotype of "the communist threat" and its effect. Other terms which require greater understanding, such as "military superiority" and "national security." The danger of the present climate of confrontation. Local conflicts which today give rise to such concepts as "escalation theory," and "crisis management." Reality and its opposition: common sense. The real possibility of an accidental nuclear conflict. Living in a world of paradoxes. The policies of the Soviet Union with regard to the use of nuclear weapons. The necessity for disarmament accords. The Soviet Union's willingness to sign an agreement on weapons reduction. Questions posed for consideration.