Vladimir Putin

Preus, Hon. J.A.O.

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Activities of the Non-Parisian League. Socialists and the Socialistic party in the United States. The state of the farmers in North Dakota six or seven years ago. Origins and history of socialism under the new name of the Non-Partisan League. Tenets of Socialism. The plan of government in North Dakota against private ownership as the platform of the Non-Partisan League in the State of Minnesota. What might have happened if this movement had been successful two years ago. The speaker's object in speaking upon this subject. The speaker's fear that when socialism takes hold in Canada, it will not proceed in as radical a fashion perhaps as was done in North Dakota, but that little by little the socialists will seek to take business out of private hands and place the management thereof in the state. The speaker's hope that such a time will never come; that a state should never endeavour to do for individuals what they are able to do for themselves; that the people who are governed the least are the most happy. A broader examination of socialism. Marx and Engel's concept. Socialism in Russia. The tragic effects of socialism; some specifics from the experience in Russia. How Socialism was defeated in the northwest of the United States. A programme of co-operative marketing submitted in Minnesota as an alternative scheme. Comparing co-operation and state ownership. Examples of successful co-operation, with dollar figures. An examination of the United Grain Growers of Canada. The co-operative organization act in Minnesota, and how associations are organized. The success of co-operative endeavours.