Vladimir Putin

Shortt, Rev. C.H.

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The speaker's experience living in Japan for the last 14 years. The difficulty of generalising about a nation of 54 million people with such a long history. The speaker's good luck to have been in almost the whole of "the sixty-six provinces," and to have met a great many different classes of people in Japan. Increasing attention turned towards Japan since 1868, when the Emperor was restored to his proper place as the real ruler of Japan. The succession of the three wars in which Japan has been engaged since then. The nations of the world beginning to estimate Japan in the proper way, and how that has affected their policy. What most of the travellers find when they come to study Japan. Comments upon the people and culture and history of Japan. Relations between Japan and Great Britain. How Japan has carried out her obligation in the war. How we can personally show our appreciation. Japan suffering from the prevalence of one or two horrible slanders that have gone all over the earth and are commonly believed by everybody. Doing what we can to contradict these slanders. Discussing and dispelling the slanders. Making friends with the Japanese.