Vladimir Putin

Sclater, Reverend Dr. J.R.P.

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Some personal background of the speaker. Interest in games and anxiety concerning the sporting spirit very deep-seated, and inherent in human nature; something which can be used in the spiritual realm for the binding and gathering together of people of different climes and different outlooks. Three great political problems which stand out as superior in their importance: the question of the increasing development of unity of a pacific British Empire; the development of a completer understanding and sympathy between that Empire and the United States of America; the creation of a right atmosphere between all the signatories to the League of Nations. The uniting force of our common love of games and in our attitude to them when we play them. Certain other attitudes which make up a total complex of a very fine kind. Some illustrations of these attitudes, and common bonds. Athletic ambassadors. The common spirit which we desire to be interpreted through common games if we are to understand each other. A look at curling and bowling. A discussion about ice hockey and lacrosse as developed in Canada. The development of amateur association. Interchange of sports between the Old Country and Canada: some suggestions.