Vladimir Putin

Gould, Rev. Dr. Sydney H.

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Interest of the British Empire in the Turkish Empire. The operative causes, both constructive and destructive, which have brought about the changes in Turkey. Constructive causes: the influence and the vitality and the power of the Reform Party--the Young Turkish Party; the educational work of Christian missions; England's work in Egypt; the building of the railways. The disruptive or destructive causes: the position of Christians before the law; the mal-administration of justice; the chronic and nascent rebellions which have distinguished the Turkish Empire throughout the past decade or two; the spies and the secret police; the system of taxation; the degradation of the authorities through the continual issuing of ultimatums by Western Powers; the neglect of the army. The situation today. The difficulties in the way of a reform party. The baneful results of the past regime, a rule by racial hatred. The ever-present military danger. The want of any moral balance. The speaker's belief that the Bulgars will give the Turk no rest until the nation stands as a united nation, as they did before the time of the Turkish conquest.